My Son Sanctuary lights up with Cham dances and songs

 UNESCO-recognized My Son Sanctuary glowed resplendent Thursday night as around 200 artistes performed Cham dances with lighting effects for the first time.

"The My Son Sanctuary Legendary Night" was part of activities organized by the central province of Quang Nam, which is hosting the National Tourism Year event this year.

The province expects to welcome 1.7 million foreign visitors this year.

The My Son Sanctuary is a complex of abandoned and partly ruined Hindu temple towers constructed between the 4th and 14th centuries when the Champa Kingdom reigned.

Local authorities said they had carefully arranged the performance so that it didn't affect the current status of the relic.

The stage was put up along the route leading to the tower areas and those watching the performance sat outside.

The hour-long program consisted of three parts. The first part, called "Valley - The Story of Time," sought to highlight the unique beauty of the temple complex that has witnessed the ups and downs of history.

The second part, "Legendary My Son Night," aimed to take the audience back in time to feel the sacred roots of the most important religious center of the ancient Kingdom of Champa.

The last part, "Light of Harmony" was an attempt to bridge the past and present.

The event showcased some traditional Champa dance forms.

Artistes perform a Champa dance in front of the monument.

Phan Ho, director of the management board of My Son Sanctuary, said the performance was a new tourism product that is expected to attract foreign tourists after Vietnam fully reopened international tourism.

Champa women hold traditional oil lamps on their heads.

Three Cham women practice their folk songs.

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