Vietnamese photographer depicts 'another world' through surrealism art project

 Anh Tien Trinh's black and white art project "Another World" has aroused the imagination of viewers.

"Another World" is one of seven major projects Trinh has created during his journey around the world. The picture above captures clouds in Patagonia, Chile. "I think I am a very lucky person. During long journeys in my career, I have had many opportunities to learn about the culture and art of many generations from all over the world," Trinh said.

Picture of Grey Glacier, a massive natural ice construction, in Paine Massif Circle, Chile. "In the process of maturing, I have tried to practice and experience many styles. And when I have shaped my style, I really want to create my own works."

A picture of Gokyo Lake, Everest region, Nepal. "In art, I feel freedom. I want to create something genuine but also lively and attractive. Nature has always been my source of inspiration," Trinh stated.

Sand and bubbles in Mirissa, Sri Lanka. "I realized the most honest picture is the one of our memory and the most vibrant, the one of our imagination."

Mountains, river and snow in Xinjiang, China.

Highway crossing a desert in Xinjiang, China. This 552-kilometer-long highway is the world's longest across a shifting-sand desert.

A flock of sheep in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Lake Baikal in winter, Russia. At 5,577 feet (1,700 meters), it is the deepest lake in the world.

Near 1,200-year-old Baobab skin in Ifaty, Madagascar. "There may be limits in the power and time humans have but not in creativity," Trinh maintained.

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