Underground stream discovered in Quang Tri cave

 A newly found cave in Huong Son Commune of Quang Tri Province boasts an underground stream still to be fully explored.

In 2020, at Tria Village, a local resident discovered a new cave in North Huong Hoa Nature Reserve, according to staff member Ho Van Phan.

The cave lies about 30 minutes by foot along Tria Stream from Tria Village. En route is a steep, jagged slope and many old trees.

The steep cave entrance is small, allowing only one person to enter at a time.

The stream is located about 50 meters down, its clear, tiny-fish infested waters reaching knee-height.

Deeper into the cave explorers will discover stalactite and stalagmite in many shapes and sizes.

At the end of the stream lies a large lake. Specifications regarding the true depth of the cave and the lake remain unknown.

Stalactites jut from the cave roof.

Currently, the cave is being explored for the future purpose of tourism.

Ho Van Viet, a resident of Tria Village, said he has visited the cave twice.

"I want tourists to access the cave to create more jobs locally and increase incomes," Viet said.

In August 2020, the Quang Tri People's Committee organized an exploration of the cave, assigning Huong Hoa Nature Reserve to coordinate its protection.

Signs have been placed near the cave to avoid illegal entry and vandalism.

Tria Village is the most remote within the commune, with its access road currently out of order due to flooding last October.

The area is inhabited by the ethnic Bru minority who subsist on farming and breeding cattle.

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