Peach blossoms adorn mountain foot village in Y Ty

 These days, Phin Ho Village in Y Ty Commune of Lao Cai Province is wrapped in a cloak comprising hundreds of peach blossom trees.

Peach blossoms bloom at the foot of Lao Than Mountain after spending the cold and snowy winter.

Phin Ho Village is located at an altitude of over 2,000 meters and is the second-highest village, after Trung Chai, in Y Ty Commune, Bat Xat District in northern Vietnam, 80 kilometers from mountainous Sa Pa Town.

Spring in Phin Ho, heralded by the glorious pink of peach blossoms.

Phin Ho Village comprises 78 households with more than 400 inhabitants. Families here typically grow peach blossoms to sell during spring or for decorating their yards.

The 2,860-meter-high Lao Than Mountain is known as the cloud hunting hub of Y Ty.

H'mong village head Vang A Ho, 26, said people had settled in Phin Ho before the 1990s and planted many peach trees. Most of the trees here are over 30 years old.

According to A Ho, the local climate is foggy and cold all year round. Peach blossom trees are thus often covered by moss and lichen.

Each big, mossy and beautiful peach blossom branch can sell for VND1-3 million ($43-130), providing a basic income for villagers during spring.

Vang A Lenh carries firewood from the forest underneath the canopy of peach blossom trees.

He said during the daytime, locals typically cultivate potatoes, rice, and herbs like cardamom and Szechuan lovage.

Five-year-old H'mong girl Ly Thi Sua climbs a beautiful blooming peach blossom tree in front of her home after feeding the pigs.

Phin Ho has electricity and water, with villagers living self-sufficient lives.

Children who have finished second grade go to semi-boarding school until ninth grade. Later, most return to their families. Young people in the village often work as tour guides and porters.

Puppies play by peach blossom trees.

Peach blossom season lasts for about two weeks, then the fruit can be harvested and sold in summer.

In addition to peach and plum blossoms, visitors to Phin Ho Village can find other local specialties like grain wine mixed with wild honey, dried buffalo meat, and dried pork.

According to A Ho, Phin Ho is still far below the tourist radar, with visitors mainly including photographers, customers seeking peach blossom branches, or cloud hunters.

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