5 seaside resorts for summer in Quy Nhon

 Quy Nhon is popular for its long, pristine beaches, and here are five seaside resorts worth a try in the central city.

Seagate Resort

Located on the north bank of Thi Nai Bridge, the resort

Located to the north of the Thi Nai Bridge, around seven kilometers from downtown Quy Nhon, the capital of Binh Dinh Province, the resort lies inside the Seagate tourism area along the beach. It has 20 wooden bungalows surrounded by lush vegetation.


Each bungalow has a pair of bicycles for visitors to ride around the resort. The tariff for a night is VND1.1 million ($47.89), including buffet breakfast. From the resort, visitors can watch the sun rise over the Thi Nai Bridge Lagoon. Photos courtesy of Seagate Resort.

Ky Co Quy Nhon Resort

Spread over an area of 50 hectares in Nhon Ly Commune, the three-star resort is situated at the foot of the Phuong Mai Mountain, 25 km from Quy Nhon and far from residential areas, making it an ideal choice for people wishing to escape the bustle of urban life.
It has 15 villas with 50 rooms facing the sea. A room costs VND2 million per night.


Ky Co is one of the most popular beaches in Quy Nhon with the calm turquoise sea on one side and magnificent rocky mountains on the other. Visitors can dive to explore corals, just dip in the cool water or relax on the soft golden sand. Photos courtesy of Ky Co Quy Nhon Resort.

Crown Retreat Quy Nhon

Located along Trung Luong Beach in Phu Cat District on the outskirts of Quy Nhon, the four-star resort has a private beach, sea-facing swimming pool, restaurant, bar, and garden. Visitors to the resort should drop by Trung Luong Camping Site, which is hidden in a small valley by the beach 10 kilometers from Ky Co. A tent here costs VN300,000 and can accommodate two people.


The resort has 50 modern bungalows all facing the sea and set apart from each other. They cost VND3.4 - 6.2 million per night. Photos courtesy of Crown Retreat Quy Nhon.

Avani Quy Nhon Resort

This resort is on pristine Long Beach in Ghenh Rang Ward, 14 km from downtown Quy Nhon. It is recommended by travel bloggers also due to its proximity to the tomb of famous poet Han Mac Tu.
The poet’s grave is on Thi Nhan Hill in the Ghenh Rang Tourism Area. Tu’s poems emerged in the 1920s and 1930s as the heartbroken voice of a young soul. He had contracted leprosy, then an incurable disease, in 1937 and spent the rest of his life at the Quy Hoa leprosy village established by a French priest. He died aged just 28.


The resort has 63 luxurious rooms and suites with balconies facing the sea. It has a restaurant in a unique location: on the top of a cliff.
A room costs VND3.5-5.4 million per night. Photos courtesy of Avani Quy Nhon Resort.

FLC Quy Nhon Resort

Located in Cat Tien beach in Nhon Ly Commune, the resort is around 19 km from downtown Quy Nhon and has two types of accommodation: villas and luxury rooms. All rooms have a private balcony or garden and offer panoramic views of the long, sandy beach. A villa with three to four bedrooms costs VND10-18 million a night.
The resort is in Nhon Ly fishing village where most people head out to sea or row along the coast in coracles to earn a living.


A room with a balcony and facing the sea costs VND3.3 - 7.9 million per night. Photos courtesy of FLC Quy Nhon Resort.

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