Six dishes put Quang Nam on the national culinary map

 Six signature dishes from central Quang Nam Province have been included in the country's top 100 delicacies by Vietnam Records Association.

The Mi Quang, or Quang noodles, has a distinct flavor and texture - the sweetness of finely crushed shrimp in the broth, saltiness of the pork and freshness of vegetables topped with scallion, cilantro and peanuts.

The Cau Mong smoked calf has been a famous dish in Quang Nam for around 50 years now. The meat is said to be delicious because of the quality of grass in Go Noi area of Dien Ban District.

Care is taken in smoking the meat over a charcoal fire, turning it evenly and getting it tender. The smoked calf is served with a special sauce, fresh vegetables and rice paper.

The Hoi An chicken rice is favored for its dry and broken texture. The rice is topped with shredded chicken, onions, scallion, salt, lemon and coriander.

Some famous and old eateries in Quang Nam's Hoi An Town that have won the hearts of food lovers are Buoi’s, Thuan’s, Nga’s and Lam’s chicken rice shops.

The squid served in Quang Nam are mostly caught near the shore in Dien Ban, Hoi An, Duy Xuyen and Thang Binh districts. It is small-sized – just two fingers long, but the meat is thick and tasty.

The squid can be stir-fried with pineapple, fried with ginger and fish sauce, or stuffed with ground meat. But the most delicious dish is steamed squid with ginger, fish sauce and Tra Que Village herbs.

Dong Phu cassava pho is a popular dish. This dish, with noodles made of cassava, fits well with many fish based broths from snakehead fish, eel, mackerel scad and tuna. In addition, there is a cassava pho dish mixed with chrysalis and banana.

Visitors can enjoy cassava pho in many restaurants along Road 611 near Que Son District.

Bamboo chicken in Le Pass is smaller than those in the lower lands. Their meat is firm and its taste is very signature due to living in the mountainous areas.
At several restaurants in Le Pass, visitors can choose a chicken then ask the owner to grill it and enjoy the dish.
The Vietnam Records Association said the creation of the 100 specialties and souvenirs list is part of its efforts to promote the country’s culinary achievements.

Photos courtesy of Ma Lum, Serena Huyen Le, Di Vy, Quang Nam Tourism

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