Plum blossoms dye northern Vietnam village white

Ta Van Chu Village in Lao Cai Province, bleached with spring plum blossoms, emerges gracefully through the lens of photographer Gon Rau.

In the last days of February, hillside and village plum blossom trees enter bloom, covering the mountainous area with a pristine white hue. In the refreshing and chilly climate, many tourists and photographers flock here to visit and capture this scene.

Ta Van Chu Village lies about 20 kilometers from Bac Ha District center and 150 kilometers from Sa Pa Town. The village is located near famous highland markets like Coc Ly, Phung Phung, Can Chau and Si Ma Cai.

Ta Van Chu villagers are friendly, humble and hospitable. They mostly speak H'mong.

Visitors will need local tour guides should they want to engage with or learn more about H'mong culture.

The majority of villagers, colorfully clad in brocade and residing in traditional clay homes, cultivate plum trees, maize and occasionally rice.

Giang Thi May is a H'mong tourist guide and interpreter. She loves to visit ethnic groups in other places to learn about the local culture there.

In fine weather, plum blossoms across the village will continue to bloom in the next 7 - 10 days, around mid-March.

In 2006, Ta Van Chu received approval from the Lao Cai People's Committee to develop into a H'mong ecological village.

According to Vu Nguyen Quoc Quang, a freelance tour guide in Sa Pa, the village is still pristine with few restaurants or accommodation options. Visitors typically stay in nearby Bac Ha Town.

To reach Ta Van Chu, you can travel by motorbike, bus or car to Bac Ha Town, then follow Road 195 for about 20 kilometers. Another option involves traveling via Sa Pa, then the remaining 120 kilometers by motorbike or car.

In addition to plum blossoms in Ta Van Chu, villages like Sin Cheng and Lu Than in Si Ma Cai District are bursting with blooming cherry trees.

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