Ha Tinh trio honored with place in list of Vietnam’s top culinary specialties

 Ha Tinh Province’s Phuc Trach pomelo, Cu do candy and smelt-whiting fish salad have made the list of 100 special dishes and souvenirs compiled by Vietnam Records Association.

Smelt-whiting fish salad

Smelt-whiting fish salad is a dish unique to the central province's coastal areas like Loc Ha, Nghi Xuan and Thach Ha districts. The fish, found close to the coast, is thumb-sized with an average length of 13-18 centimeters and looks similar to goby.

Due to its firm, white sweet meat and availability almost through the year, smelt-whiting fish is a favorite with fishermen for making salads and grilled dishes.

To make a salad, prepare the fish by scaling and decapitating them, then slice their body vertically. Marinate the meat in lemon juice for 15 to 30 minutes before squeezing the meat to remove the liquid, and let it dry. Remember to keep the water for dipping sauce.

To make the dipping sauce, boil the squeezed water with lemon juice, chopped garlic, tomato, onion, peanut, and chilly until it thickens into a sweet-sour mixture.

When you eat, wrap the fish in rice paper with herbs, perilla leaves, lettuce, and sliced cucumbers.

Phuc Trach pomelo

Phuc Trach pomelo is a specialty of the mountainous district of Huong Khe. Huong Trach Commune in Huong Khe is considered the Phuc Trach pomelo capital and has 360 hectares of orchards. Each household owns up to two hectares on average and 50 to 400 trees.

The pomelo trees here are on average five meters tall and yield about 50 fruits a harvest season, though some even yield more than 100. The harvest season is in August-September.

Phuc Trach pomelo is sweet and sour, fragrant and juicy. It is popular around the country.

Cu do candy

Cu do candy is made from roasted peanuts and molasses. Once cooked, the candy is poured in a thin layer on top of rice crackers.

It is usually served with green tea, and is famous for its characteristic elasticity.

It is made in a number of places across Ha Tinh Province, but the most famous variety is from Dai Nai Ward near Phu Bridge. There is a saying in the province: "Cu do of Phu Bridge, buy it whenever you see it."

According to the Vietnam Records Association, the creation of the 100 specialties and souvenirs list is part of its efforts to promote the country's culinary achievements.

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