Bell-shaped peach blossoms embellish path to Quang Tri 'rooftop'

 In March, bell-shaped peach blossoms bloom in the forest and on the way leading to the 1,700-meter-high Voi Mep peak in Quang Tri Province.

Voi Mep is located in the central province's three communes of Huong Linh, Huong Son (Huong Hoa District) and Huong Hiep (Dakrong District).

The area remains unexploited by tourism, mostly visited by forest rangers, scientists and a few backpackers.

From the altitude of 1,400 meters up, the air grows in humidity, with tree trunks covered in thick layers of moss.

Bell-shaped peach blossoms enter bloom in March, dying the way to Voi Mep pink. The contrast between pink flowers and green jungle creates a scenic backdrop.

A bell-shaped peach blossom tree or Enkianthus quiaqueflorus can reach 4-5 meters in height.

Aside from bell-shaped peach blossoms, spring visitors to Voi Mep will also find orchids, azaleas and red maples.

The remains of two wrecked military aircraft can be found atop Voi Mep, with no trees or grass growing in the vicinity.

Tourists can conquer Voi Mep in a day if traveling from Nguon Rao Pin Village in Huong Son Commune.

After a night camping at the foot of Pa Thien Mountain, it takes about two hours to reach the Voi Mep summit, hidden amid the clouds.

The view from Voi Mep includes a sea of clouds. When the weather is fine, villages below can clearly be seen from Voi Mep's peak.

Many years ago, scientists discovered signs of gaurs here. Traces of chamois have also been found at the summit.

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